Semantics – the rapid effects of coffee

Never leave a drink unattended around Thomas. If Thomas sees an unattended drink, he will steal a  sip. The first time he tried my Diet Coke, he exclaimed, “It’s ok for me to drink it because I  LIKE IT! I DO LIKE IT!” As if the reason I didn’t share with him was bc I was worried he wouldn’t like it…

Once, when he saw Tom’s dad’s lemonade unattended, he stole it and hid it. He will sip your soda, juice, wine, beer, water, and he will definitely sip your coffee.

In fact, the day Thomas drank my coffee for the first time was the day I invented the test I call: How to tell if you drink put  much cream and sugar into your coffee?

All you have to do is let a toddler sample it. If they go back for another sip, maybe it’s time to scale back on the International Delight.

Me, noticing that MOST of my coffee was gone: THOMAS!! Did you drink my coffee?

Thomas: ISS SO GOOD!!!

Then, erupting into hysterical laughter:  ISSS SOOOOO GOOD!
He continues laughing for sometime, exclaiming between laughing fits: ISS SO GOOD! ISS SO SO SO GOOOOOOD…


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