We were leaving the grocery store and Thomas didn’t have a coat on because, didn’t you know? Kids shouldn’t wear coats in their carseats. It’s true, and because it is nearly impossible to put a coat on a three-year old in any circumstance, imagine how hard it is to do in a grocery store parking lot. So instead of wrestling them in and out of their coat just for the walk into the store, my solution is to not bring coats.

In hindsight, it’s a good solution, because if Thomas had been wearing a coat we would not have had this conversation.

Thomas: Mommy! I’m cold!

Me: Ok, the heat is on, it’ll warm up in here soon.

Thomas: I’m still cold, Mommy!

Me: Do you want me to put my coat on you? It’ll keep you warm.

Thomas: NO! I don’t want your coat! It’s too cold!

Me: Well, Thomas, I don’t know if I have anything else in the van that will keep you warm.

Thomas: You could give me all of your money.


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