Semantics – Big brother, bigger helper edition

One day after I put Anna down for her nap, she did that absolutely unacceptable thing that babies do sometimes — instead of laying her head down and taking a nap, she started fussing.

I, rhetorically, wondered what was happening, “UGH. WHY is Anna fussing?”

Thomas answered, “Well, Mommy, you did put her in hot lava.”

Another day, Anna woke up and was having a hard time transitioning from nap time back to reality. We can all relate to this one, right? Nap time is over! This is awful!

I was holding her while she fussed when Thomas appeared.

“Mommy, I can help you, I can be your helper,” he said.

He climbed onto the chair and wedged himself beside me and Anna, “Mommy did you try saying this to her…ShhhhhShhhhhShhhh!”

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