Semantics – Would you rather? Edition

Have you ever played “Would you rather?” with your kids?

It’s a great time. I can be fun and funny, or you can come up with things to really make them think. I remember once I asked the kids if you’d rather be hurt by a hit or a scratch, or have your feelings hurt. Mary told me that she’s rather be hit or scratched, because that goes away but having your feelings hurt can take a long time to feel better.

See what I mean?

It’s a great in-the-car game, a great waiting-for-your-food-at-a-restaurant game.

And while I recommend playing anytime with anyone, I ESPECIALLY recommend playing with Thomas —


Me: Would you rather wear diapers for the rest of your life or take naps for the rest of your life?

…The kids all pause to consider…

Thomas: I would rather COOKIES!

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