I lose Thomas a lot. Like, in my house. It’s not because we live inside of a TJ Maxx, it’s because Thomas is a lot faster, quieter, and more creative than me. This has been happening since he was very young, but now that he’s older and can work our doors I get more worried if he’s not in my line of sight.

Once we had family over and our doorbell rang. My brother-in-law got up to see who it was and lo and behold! Thomas! Standing on the front porch, ringing the doorbell.

A lot of times when I can’t find him he’s somewhere innocuous and — most importantly — safe. Like sitting in the playroom reading a book. WHO WOULD EVER THINK TO CHECK THERE!?

That’s a big lead up to this very short interchange, which admittedly isn’t SUPER funny but it was in the moment. Maybe because of the adrenaline crash? Everything is a LOT funnier when your heart is racing, you’re out of breath, and you’re running out of places to look for your sweet, adorable, MISSING CHILD.

Plus, I think this is Thomas’s first Semantics post.

Whenever I realize Thomas isn’t in my immediate vicinity, I check all the very dangerous places, then check the front and backyard, make sure all the gates are closed, then I do a quick run through the attic and only then do I look in our living spaces.

I had just finished running through the house, when I opened our laundry room door and see this:

Naked Thomas, doing some sort of cat food project with Brigham all casual-like while his pregnant mother is doing an army crawl under the house because YOU NEVER KNOW!

My worry did a screeching halt and gave way to rolling eyes and a chuckle.


Thomas turned his head and with a giant, sweet grin on his face, said, “He likes it!”

And then went back to his project.

(…and I went to grab the camera…)



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