This week was so busy.

We leave for Vancouver (TOMORROW!) and so we spent all week on appointments, errands,  cleaning out the fridge and doing all the other things we needed to do before we could actually pack.

Preparing for a big trip does not highlight my strengths. You should have seen me try to make a list yesterday. It was awful. I quit ten items in because it was too exhausting.

Mary on the other hand? She started packing on Monday. She set aside all of her stuffed animals and a lamp. In other words, the essentials.

We’re traveling tomorrow (7/1), if you’re reading this on that date we’d appreciate prayers for safe travel and an amazing trip. (And thanks for all the suggestions on Facebook for travel with kids. I am preemptively dedicating my stress-free travel to you.)

A photo of my children, once a week, every week, in 2019.

David, Thomas, Anna / Anna found a colander and played with it, taking it on and off her head. When David noticed, he grabbed one, and Thomas joined in. Anna loved when her brothers played, and they were laughing just as much as she was.

We only have three of these colanders, which worked out because Mary happened to be off at zoo camp. If she’d been home we would have been short a colander and these pictures would have had a, um,  much more melancholy theme.


Mary / Zoo camp! This was part of her birthday present, and she went with a friend from school. She had a blast. It’s already on the docket for next summer.


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