A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016.

30-52 - david

David / He’s spent weeks trying to catch butterflies, but he can never even get within feet of them. Lucky for him, though his mother really struggles to pick out paint colors or organize a mudroom, she’s excellent at catching insects.

(His mother also really loves seeing this tender side of David; he listened intently to instructions for how to hold a butterfly so you don’t hurt it, and how important it is to always let wild animals scurry away.)


30-52 - mary

Mary Virginia / One of the many, many things I swore I’d never allow as a parent — my young daughter putting on makeup before she’s able to pay for it.

Behold, the magic of sparkly things when you’re a little girl! Mary Virginia believes that when she puts this on, it lasts for weeks. She asks me, “Mommy, can you still see my sparkle?” And I answer, truthfully, “Yes.”


30-52 - thomas

Thomas / He pulled down an entire bunch of bananas, picked one, and chewed it open, all without me noticing. I think Thomas has this 14-month old gig down.


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