Week 14 was spring break. We’d planned on fun outings but our only outing was a trip to the doctor. That’s just how it goes, I suppose. We still had enjoyed our lazy week at home, making messes and having fun doing normal, wonderful things — reading books, coloring, playing play dough, and running around in the backyard. Normal lazy days are my favorite, because it’s my kids that make everything we do special anyway.

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David / Never in a million years would I have guessed how naturally David would fall into the big brother role with Thomas. He loves, and is the best, at making him laugh, picking just the right toy to keep him occupied, and David always makes sure the bathroom door is closed so Thomas won’t sneak to the toilet. David and his sister are close in age, so they butt heads a lot. The almost four year age difference between the boys seems to afford a more natural, comfortable big-brother little-brother relationship at this stage anyway. 

Every day, while I wrestle Mary Virginia down for her nap, David occupies Thomas by rolling the ball with him. It might be Thomas’s favorite part of the day.

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Mary Virginia / She arranged these chairs in the backyard and calls it her car. She has a steering wheel, a carseat for her baby (which is directly behind her, in the blue adirondack chair, on top of the green adirondack chair).

She packs up her purse and drives me, David and her doll-doll to the zoo, the farm, the doctor — anywhere we want. I don’t care where we go as long as she doesn’t mind swinging by the Starbucks drive-thru on the way.

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Thomas / Thomas has had a rough week dealing with a lingering virus and a high fever, and two sore teeth. Even after the fever was gone, Thomas was generally fussy and clingy…unless we were outside. As if we needed another reason to play in the backyard! Warm sun, a nice breeze, chirping birds, pollen coating absolutely every surface? It’s spring, y’all! Let’s go outside and play!

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  1. Tori April 3, 2016

    Sounds like our babies (unfortunately) had very similar weeks. Mary is so cute. I love her curls. And her Adirondack carseat.


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