A photo of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016

2-52 david

David / Mommy, is this a smile? Yes, it is. Do you want to take a picture of it? Yes, I do. (Phew! That was easy!)

2-52 maryvirginia

Mary Virginia / Tom has been taking the kids swimming at a nearby gym. When he told her to get ready for the pool, she grabbed her hat, bag, mittens, and perennial disapproving look. (She still styles herself.)

2-52 thomas

Thomas / In the bath Thursday evening I noticed uncharacteristically tired, red eyes. He woke up a few hours later with a fever.


  1. Carie January 10, 2016

    And what a gorgeous smile it is too! I do like Mary Virginia’s style- it’s the sun hat and winter mittens combo that really sets off her swimsuit I hope poor Thomas feels better soon

  2. Your children are so, so cute! I can’t lie – definitely looking forward to when I can just tell my son to smile and get one!


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