Water baby

We’ve had this thing for three summers and no baby has ever really used it.

Every now and then someone comes over and their baby tolerates it for a bit, but it never lasts too long. Usually they put the baby in, it’s happy for a few minutes, then it realizes it’s been tricked! It’s parents are casually relaxing in the pool! That isn’t right!

So the baby fusses and demands to be held basically in the exact same position as they were in the float, the only difference is that their parent is completely incapacitated.

But we’ve put Anna in this a few times every week for the past month, and she loves it.

Just more proof that she’s made up entirely of joy, and magic, with a marshmallow filling.

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  1. Gayle Ann July 19, 2018

    Does she still love the swing thing that no one else liked?

    I can sympathize with your “leave the baby alone” tales. We rescued a Golden puppy. We have a 4 year old and a 10 year old Golden. The vet told us to acquire a third dog so the 4 year old will not crash when something happens to the 10 year old, from whom she has never been separated in the last 3 years. If they gave dogs Ritalin, I’d sign him up. He was neutered 3 weeks ago. Supposedly, the hormones will be gone in a month, and we have been counting down, but I don’t think it will make a difference. We should have named him Tigger, as he jumps in the exact manner. He can scale any room in one jump.

    If the other two are occupied with chews or toys, he jumps, from anywhere and dive bombs them. Or he lays on his tummy, and sizzles up to them to try and take a toy or ball. Never mind that he has his own chews or toys. The best one is always the one someone else has. As I kept repeating, “Leave Emma alone,” or “Leave Bentley alone,” or “LEAVE THEM ALONE.” I was reminded of your post. And, when we can take it no more, he goes to his crate/crib/prison, the name of which depends on the offense that put him there. I call him a career criminal. When he is released, my husband refers to it as being on parole, and his return to the crate as a parole violation. But, he is almost 8 months, and no one ever worked with him. He will be a great dog, if he doesn’t kill me first.


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