I call these photos “The Crib Series.” I didn’t intend on a theme, it just happened. I first snapped Mary Virginia’s flip, then a few days later I spied Thomas looking over the rail. So I looked at David and said, “Show me whatcha got, kid.”

6-52 david

David / I asked David to see if he could reach each end of the bed, and his interpretation was this Spiderman pose. I still vividly remember the first night he slept in this bed over four years ago, and how when I swaddled him, put him down, and then closed the door and went to bed in the next room, I laid awake, stared at the monitor and wondered if he’d ever forgive me for abandoning him.

And now just look at this big kid.

6-52 maryvirginia

Mary Virginia / Here, she’s flipping into Thomas’s crib. But it reminded me of a few mornings ago, when Mary Virginia greeted Tom at her door and exclaimed with glee, “Look Daddy! I climbed out my bed like a dinosaur!” When she told me, I leaned down, my nose practically touching hers, and using a tone of voice reserved for the day I catch her trying cigarettes or signing up for Facebook, I said, “Don’t you ever do that again.”

6-52 thomas

Thomas / Another crib escapee, smiling and happy after his morning nap. Time to lower the mattress.



  1. So sweet. I was looking through old pictures recently and saw the picture I took the first time I put our son swaddled in his crib. So teeny! Now he sleeps in there like a giant starfish ahhaa

  2. That first one hahaha!!! Love this. đŸ™‚ xoxo Heather. http://www.Arrowsandwarriors.com

  3. Carie February 11, 2016

    Aww bless, you do have a trio of escape artists on hand!! We knew it was time to put our littlest boy into his lowered cot when he managed to escape from the Moses basket – fortunately just onto the bed next to him!


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