A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016…

12-52 david (1)

David / In the past few months David has been refusing baths, so we’re pulling out all the stops: showers, bubbles, bath paints, toys, bribes, threats. David loves the water, so this bit of stubbornness is frustrating much like when Mary Virginia would refuse to sleep at night, and then spend all day pretending to sleep.


12-52 maryvirginia


Mary Virginia / The last time my kids painted, it ended with me saying, “We are NEVER EVER painting again! Next time you ask me to paint THE ANSWER WILL BE NO!”

And I meant it.

It’s worth noting that, at the time, Mary Virginia had just turned two, David had just turned four, and I was a few months postpartum. It was a volatile time, and I’m glad to say that we all have our heads on a little straighter now.

But even still, nothing, NOTHING makes my blood pressure rise like painting with my kids.

12-52 thomas


Thomas / Hey daylight saving time, what’d you do with naps? The big kids adjusted pretty easily (I can forgive a few skipped naps and later-than-normal bedtimes) but a week after the time change, Thomas is still recovering. All week he’s been completely off schedule, barely napping, and ready to make use of all that extra daylight.

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