A cat scorned

The past few weeks have been really cold and snowy, so we haven’t been letting Brigham outside like we normally do. He’s spending all his extra time looking for places to hide from the kids, and gazing out the window dreaming about…what do cats dream about? …Autonomy?

brigham 1

brigham 2

Whenever I write a post about our cat, I use the tag “Brigham the cat“. If you happen to click it, you’ll see that the posts are redundant — a bunch of pictures of David smothering Brigham, followed by a bunch of pictures of David and Mary Virginia smothering Brigham, and the occasional post showcasing his hunting skillz.

This morning, the kids were in the other room shrieking and after a few minutes, Mary Virginia ran up to me, beaming, and announced, “WE’RE PLAYING BIG-AM!”

Which means, “We’re torturing Brigham.”


Recently, David decided it was up to him to bring Brigham water. What he does is fill up 10-ish Tupperwares with water, arrange them around wherever Brigham is sleeping. Eventually, since Brigham is inevitably ignoring the water, David takes matters into his own hands and shoves Brigham’s face into the dish.

That’s what “playing Brigham” means.

It inspired me to grab my camera and write this post as a quick update to say: nothing has changed. My kids still love the cat and the cat hates the kids.

brigham (1)


And looking at these pictures made me wonder why a Google image search of the word “resentful” is anything but page after page after page of pictures of cats forced to live with toddlers.


  1. Ashley March 4, 2015

    A few things. (1) I am kinda surprised you have a cat. You seem too cool for a cat. (2) I am AMAZED that Brigham tolerates this. (3) We got a cat as kids and it hated us. Just the sight of us and the cat would hiss and go sit behind the wheels of my moms van. (no joke) We named her Codie when we brought her home but referred to her as “THE CAT” for the remainder of her life. I think the disdain was mutual. 🙂

    • amandakrieger March 4, 2015

      poor codie!
      btw, i’m not cool at all. don’t be fooled.

  2. Meredith March 4, 2015

    haha I think Brigham actually loves it. Who wouldn’t love a hand smothering your face while being tackled?!

  3. Courtney March 5, 2015

    He seems more tolerant than my cat. I haven’t seen him since giving birth, I wish I was kidding ha. He has a nook in my closet that he calls home any time Aria is awake. I cannot convince him to come out for anything. I tried telling him she’d eventually get bored of him if he just wasn’t such a mystery creature. Cats, can’t reason with em.


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