Please wash your hands before you touch the baby

Yesterday when I went to put David down for a nap I found Brigham curled up in the corner of the crib.

I put David in the crib with the cat because I figured the one thing that would make the crib no longer comfortable to Brigham would be a baby. It works in most situations. Do you enjoy restaurants? Or airplanes? What about camping? Add a baby and get back to me.

Brigham didn’t move, and David was elated.

I decided to run and grab the camera because, are you kidding me? How cute.

But then I remembered that this was the same cat that has left dead moles on our front porch almost every day for the past few weeks. That memory motivated me to give Brigham a little extra inspiration to get out of the crib, inspiration that sounded something like, “…and if you ever do it again the next dead thing on our porch will be a grey tabby.”


  1. jenny ramsey May 11, 2012

    hahaha. i love that it’s the dead moles and not his propensity for attacking people that motivated you to take him away from david.

  2. Grammy May 11, 2012

    This is so cute. The entitled cat!


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