And all this time Brigham thought his life was hard…

See this bulge under the quilt?

It’s Brigham. He likes to get all cozy under the covers in the winter months.

He might want to stay there, too, because David has started noticing Brigham.

This is terrible news for the kitty cat.


  1. Grammy December 21, 2011

    watch out Brigham!! I wonder if he’ll scratch David Andrew.

  2. Beckykrieger25 December 21, 2011

    Our cat if this is any comfort did not scratch Allison until about 20 months and that was after several covert baby attacks to him. She would pull his tail when I wasn’t looking so one day he scratched her hand.. not a lot just enough to tell her to back off. Our vet said he was quite a gentleman.. hopefully your cat is too!

  3. Amanda S Krieger December 23, 2011

    Brigham usually isn’t a gentleman, but he’s been good with David so far. Hopefully he won’t scratch David until he’s REALLY provoked. We’ll see…


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