Every now and then, especially when there’s a dog-, um, cat-pile on my couch, I like to remind myself why Brigham is in our family.

When Tom and I first got married, our first home was near a lot of restaurants, so we had a few unwelcome cockroaches. We heard that cats could help with cockroaches, and my friend was getting rid of a cat because he was too aggressive with her kids. It was the perfect scenario; we didn’t have any kids and this cat had a feisty reputation. When Tom and I went to pick him up, he bodied a baby and then leaped off the couch and tackled a toddler that happened to be walking by.

And now, this. We’ve all come so far.





  1. Meredith August 14, 2014

    Wow that’s amazing! Did he solve the cockroach problem?

    • amandakrieger August 14, 2014

      He totally did! After we got him, we saw plenty of cockroaches but none of them were living.

  2. Courtney August 14, 2014

    haha, I guess he settled down in his old age!

    • amandakrieger August 14, 2014

      Haha, yes! I do think that had a lot to do with it. He was only about 6 mos. old when we got him. Now he’s 5 and gets all his “cat-ness” out while roaming outside.

  3. Farrah August 18, 2014

    So sweet! Our puppy has calmed down so much since we’ve have our first baby, too. He’s still playful, but he’s become much lazier during the day. Happy MIMM!


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