We’re a cat family

We moved a few plants from our old house to our new one, including three lilies.

Our new yard was full of rabbits and in no time they chewed the lilies at the base and left them there looking like trees in a clear-cut forest.

Unexpectedly, the lilies came back this year. This time there are twice as many and they’re upright and blooming.

The difference is: now we let our cat outside. He hasn’t brought any bunnies to our door, so I’m thinking the rabbits just think of our yard as one of the dangerous houses in the neighborhood.

“See that brick ranch? It used to be a nice place to raise kids, but then some new people moved in and now I wouldn’t even hop past after dark if I were you.”

Brigham got himself into some sort of scrape last week. We let him out one afternoon and he didn’t come home until the following night. He hurt his leg somehow and is limping around, not eating much, and has spent most of his time under the guest bed, hiding from his biggest fan.

He’s finally back to his normal self, and the Krieger household can breathe a sigh of relief.

I was really bummed when Brigham was missing. I know this is totally sappy of me, and feel free to roll your eyes because ohmygosh it’s just a cat, but every time I look at those lilies I’m reminded of one more reason we’re so glad to have our Brigger Bruter Brauter around.


  1. jenny ramsey May 21, 2012

    Alice once went missing for an evening and I was seriously falling apart.

  2. Kelly Hansard May 21, 2012

    When I thought my cat was dying of cancer eariler this year, I sobbed in the waiting room of the vet’s office. Boy was I pissed when they told me he was just constipated.

  3. tomamanda May 21, 2012

    hahaha, kelly.


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