Running: the past few weeks

I’ve been diligently running the past few weeks, so I figure it’s high time for an update. In short: Running is still hard, but it’s getting a little easier. One foot in front of the other. The catch-22 with running, though, is that just when it gets easier you add some time or pile on

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Party all night in my crib

Usually when David wakes up in the morning, he’s all smiles. He stretches and wiggles and waves. But mostly he just smiles and smiles. It’s easily his favorite part of the day. Usually. This particular morning he acted more like he had a hangover. I pulled him into bed with me and he snoozed HARD

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A brief note about Boston College

Generally speaking, I believe forgiveness is important, necessary, critical. After all, forgiveness is central to my faith in Jesus Christ. However, there’s no forgiveness in college football. I’ll never forget the final seconds of this game.  Matt Ryan, I like to think you were watching the game last weekend (and for that matter, last year,

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Hokie genes

Virginia Tech football… …a family affair. [My sister DID go to UVa…and UVa DID upset #12 Georgia Tech this weekend, which IS sort of a big deal.]

Tummy time

Since babies sleep on their backs these days, doctors recommend they have some “tummy time” every day. The point is for them to strengthen their back and neck muscles, which used to happen when babies were squirming before and after sleeping. David isn’t sure what he thinks of tummy time. Sometimes he loves it and

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Alonzo Tweedy, you made my weekend

Things get crazy whenever Virginia Tech plays Miami.  Remember 2003? I do. “…Folks, we go to noisy stadiums all around the country, I’m not sure we have ever been at a scene where fans are any more pumped than they are right here tonight. Waiting right now for the Hokies to take the field, they

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Running: Day Two

I promise I won’t write about every single run (after all, I have a cute baby to take pictures of), but I felt like the second day back warranted mentioning. Why? Because the second day is always worst than the first. And even though I’ve talked many runners off the ledge after their second day

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