Operation: Eat out

I’ve never been a worrier, planner or think-aheader. I’m the person who packs moments before a trip and doesn’t bother to look up directions. My mantra: everything will work out  just fine. And ya know what? It usually does. It’s why God puts people like Tom in my life, because sometimes it pays off to plan.

Now that I’m a mom, I worry about everything. Especially when we do “first” things. Our first trip to the grocery store, my first time going out without Tom, our first time having people over. It’s silly, I know it is. It’s silly because 1) NOTHING disasterous has ever happened. Not even close. 2) Worry accomplishes nothing. Did you hear that, Amanda?

So when our friends Britton and Jason suggested we go out to dinner with them I started preparing immediately by worrying.

Britton and Jason have two little boys, Parker, who’s 16 months old and sweet Chase who’s 6 weeks. They’re professionals. They weren’t worried about taking two babies to a restaurant.

But it was great. David slept the whole time, Chase slept the whole time, and Parker shared his fries.

Tom and my eyes look almost the same color in this photo. If David’s were open we could see if we all matched, but do you see the big smile on my face? That’s the smile of a mom whose baby’s eyes are c.l.o.s.e.d.

Chase was about two weeks old when this photo was taken. Can you believe how laid-back these two look?


  1. Grammy October 29, 2011

    he is so sweet and appears to be more alert. Can’t wait until I can see that bundle of sweetness again.

  2. Grammy October 29, 2011

    Everyone looks like they’re having fun! Of course David Andrew was perfect!!


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