Baby shark, baby shark

This is my best friend, Jenny.

I also have a picture of her LOOKING at the camera, but the horse in the background makes me a little nostalgic.

You see, we grew up riding horses together.

Aren’t we adorable? I’m wearing a hairnet. Fun fact: ladies are supposed to wear hairnets at horse shows. Betcha didn’t know that. No self-respecting equestrian has fly-aways.

We’ve changed a lot since then. For example, Jenny now has five kids (!!!!), and neither of us wear hairnets anymore.

Another interesting change: Jenny loves sharks. That’s right, sharks.

I don’t get it either.

All I know is, when I opened this outfit at a baby shower Jenny gasped and started interrogating my friend about where she got this outfit.

And I said, “Jenny, today is about me, not about you.”
And everyone laughed because they thought I was joking.
And then I mentally high-fived myself because I’d successfully gotten the attention back on myself.

Jenny, these photos are for you.

Later, sharky.


  1. ej_phillips October 5, 2011

    You ARE hard core. I’m super impressed. And I think you should wear all your medals at once while you run to strengthen your core. And to show people how freaking awesome you are. For reals. And maybe even eat a turkey leg while you are running just to make sure you have energy. Which reminds me, what does your Mom do with a turkey leg?

  2. Grammy October 5, 2011

    This coach says Spring would be a much better time. I usually don’t do much with the turkey leg but cut off as much meat as I can; unless someone has requested that piece.=)

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