Smile for me.

He’s been doing it for a while now. That reflexive, infant smile. You know, the one some moms blame on gas but love nonetheless.

Here’s what I called David’s newborn smile. To get this shot, I held the camera by my face for about five hours hoping lightning would strike.


But now, we’re pretty sure he’s smiling for real. The number one indicator? It’s super-easy to get a photo. He starts cooing, I run and get my camera and after a little persuading, I see this.

Or even better…

My FAVORITE part, though, is that he gives his best smiles when he’s lookin’ at this guy:

I’m still unsure, though. Are we delusional first-time parents desperate for a smile? Is five weeks too early to be smiling? If I try to tell you David’s doing cartwheels at eight months and reading Steinbeck when he’s three, please just smile and nod.


  1. Grammy September 23, 2011

    I think it’s a real smile. Are we a little obsessed with noticing resemblances to other family members. But your Dad does agree that the first picture reminds us a little of Kristie.

  2. Kristie September 24, 2011

    He’s so sweet. My kids thought it was a picture of John Amos. 🙂 When i tried to convince her otherwise she responded, "But his eyes are blue!" As though that was the definitive evidence.

  3. Amanda S Krieger September 24, 2011

    You definitely couldn’t argue with them there!


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