Two whole months

Our little guy is two months old.

Well, maybe I shouldn’t say little. He does weigh 13.2 lbs, wears 3-6 month clothes, and is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. When people see him, they always guess that he’s 3 months old. (At what age does that stop? When I look big people don’t think I’m older, they assume I’ve been hittin’ the dessert a little too hard…and they would be right.)

Tom is very proud of David for all the growing he’s been doing, but I think I at least deserve a high-five for my role in the matter.

He recently started sucking on his hands. Almost amazing as seeing him smile for the first time is seeing him pacify himself for the first time. He hasn’t mastered it, though, so pacifying is still mom and dad’s number one job.

As for actual pacifiers, when we give him one he acts like he’s choking. Ok, message received: you don’t like pacifiers.

BUT he loooves sucking on fingers. Not his own fingers. No, that would be too easy. He loves sucking on other people’s fingers. Some people might say this is a bad habit I started. Some of these people might have seen me at Kroger last weekend, bent over my grocery cart hunchback style. One hand in David’s mouth, the other haphazardly steering the cart, all while smiling and fending off judgemental looks from strangers. 

But I say I’m just makin’ good on the promise I made the moment the nurses put him in my arms: David, I will do anything for you as long as I live.

That’s a hard promise to keep when you’re racing through the grocery store getting Reddi-wip for Grammy.

(Did you know it’s actually Reddi-wip — without an “h”. It is. Google it.)

Sometimes he gets SO upset finger sucking can’t even calm him down. Neither can swings, shushing, swaddling or even the ace card – nursing. Yes, sometimes he gets SO riled up, the only thing that can calm him down is his daddy. This has happened more than once.

Speaking of daddy, he still gives his best smiles to his daddy. I can see the writing on the wall. I’m sure he’ll say “da-da” months for “ma-ma”. And (for now, anyway) I’m not even a little bit jealous. I hope he always looks at his daddy this way.

He also loves looking at himself in the mirror, is still ecstatic to see his keys, and has replaced a few of his newborn grunts with sweet coos.  

He’s sort of over the whole napping thing, and he generally has to be tricked into going to sleep. If he falls asleep somewhere wonderful, like my arms, and then wakes up somewhere horrible, like his crib, he lets me know how he feels about it.


He celebrated his 2-month birthday in high style, by sleeping a seven hour stretch. CELEBRATE!

He’s becoming a big boy right before our eyes.

While 13lbs 2oz is impressive, he still has 188 lbs 14 oz to go before he can rumble with his Uncle David.


  1. JennyLynn October 18, 2011

    Happy 2 Month Birthday David Andrew!!!!!! What great parents you have!

  2. Grammy October 19, 2011

    …….and perfect!


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