Meet the chicks!
By: Mary

Note: This is Mary’s second blog. You can read the first one here. I took these photos about two weeks ago, when the chicks were still cute little balls of fluff.  They’ve feathered out a lot in the past two weeks and look a lot more reptilian, but the kids adore them all the same. 

Mary didn’t mention that since I took these photos, one of our chicks died — Rexa, David’s chick. I asked her if she thought we should include it in the blog and she said yes, but that she would be too sad to write about it, and asked me to. 

After Rexa died, Tom and I worried that we aren’t cut out to be farmers. Plants? Fine. Human babies? Slam dunk. But chicks? Maybe we were in over our heads. We’ve always loved the idea of having chickens, but actually going for it feels a little trepidatious. Still, Tom is building a coop in the backyard and the kids sneak into the garage to laugh at our remaining five chickens cheeping and spilling their food. Lots of people have chickens! We’ll be fine, right!?

On to Mary’s blog…


*   *   *   *   *   *

We  just  got   chicks.

Their  names  are  Chick  Hicks,  Wonder,  Rexa,  Buttercup,  Stripes,  and  Lollipop.

Anna  is  holding   Stripes.  Aren’t  they  cute?

Stripes  is  very  stripey.

They   love  exploring!


Anna  loves   the   chicks.  They   love   her   too !

Look   at   Stripes   go.


The   chicks    love    the   grass.

Thomas    is   holding   Buttercup.


Anna  is   holding  Rexa.

Thomas   is    holding   Stripes.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

I  am  holding   Buttercup.


The  chicks   love   to   explore.

Anna   loves   Rexa.

Aren’t   they   cute?


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  1. Ally May 24, 2020

    Mary, I love how you described the chicks and told us what they like to do! You may have persuaded me to get some chicks of my own 🙂


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