A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2019.


David / Once a week, David and his cousin get to play Mario Kart for about an hour. It is the highlight of their week, every week. I hope a situation never arises that forces him to choose between Mario Kart and a member of his family, because I think he’d choose Mario Kart.

Mary / Thankful for extra sunshine in the afternoon, warmer temperatures, and this girl.

Thomas / Juuuuuuust when his curls were growing back, Thomas snuck into the playroom and gave himself a trim. Here I am fixing his efforts. His haircut might be one of my worst efforts. Maybe because it was done under duress?

Anna / I have never seen a baby more proud and excited to sit in a chair. She climbs into a chair and sits back all casual-like, nothing to see here, Mom! As if she belongs in a chair. AS IF SHE HAS CHAIR PRIVILEGES! As if she didn’t, I dunno, fall out of a chair and break her wrist, YOUNG LADY!?



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  1. Beautiful family! Love the smile on the youngest 🙂


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