A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2019.

David / David often comes home and recreates projects he did at school. He did it last year, too. Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out what’s going on, “Hold on, why do you need aluminum foil again? You’re building a what?” But as soon as he explains it, I’m on board.
He spent all week building pyramids, a lighthouse, and setting up bowling pins. Most of the cups didn’t survive through the weekend.

Mary / Always climbing on chairs, jumping on the couch, swinging on the banister, so we signed her up for gymnastics. She starts tomorrow.

Thomas / Sweet, silly, and only talks in shouts or growls. He’ll turn four soon.

Anna / All tuckered out from her morning at the orthopedist. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, but I’m shocked.


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