Have yourself a beary little Christmas

There’s a reeeeeeal bear problem in Richmond these days.

I wriggle this bear outfit onto Anna on our coldest bus stop mornings. She bearly fits. (I cannot and will not stop with the bear puns, I’m sorry.) But this happens to be another one of the few things that all four of my babies have worn. She was way too small for it last winter, so I’ll keep wiggling and shimmying until it truly doesn’t fit.

The first time I put it on her, I said, “Look, guys! When she wears this we can call her Annie the Pooh!”

David laughed, “I think I’m going to call her Chewbacca.”

My other bear babies:

David Bear

Mary Beary

Thomas, the Funshine Bear


  1. Gayle Ann December 6, 2018

    I would have gone with an Ewok over Chewbacca. But, either way, she is cute.


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