Somehow my kids just happened to miss the madness known as the movie Frozen. Mary Virginia was a tad too young, to be swallowed up by it all, and David was too busy on the racetrack with Lightning McQueen.


Have you heard of Moana?

I’m not exactly sure how or when it happened, but my kids are 100 percent in love. They’ve only seen the movie one time, but the MUSIC? They’ve devoted their bodies, hearts, and souls to the music. By 7:30 each morning “You’re Welcome” is stuck in my head, and before the breakfast dishes are put away I’m already singing “I AM MOANAAAAAAAAAAAA!” in an off-key duet with Mary Virginia.

One Sunday, Tom had spent the morning letting the kids play the drums while he tried to learn a new song on his guitar. Later, on the way to church, the kids were asking to listen to Moana (again)…

Tom: Why don’t we listen to something else? You guys listen to Moana all the time.

David: Not this morning. This morning all we’ve listened to is Daddy make mistakes on his guitar.


  1. Lori Kuder August 28, 2017

    I love this….spent a few hours (yes hours!) just printing maps for history….I took a break and laid on my bed to read your post….thanks for putting some sunshine in my day!!!

    • amandakrieger August 30, 2017

      ah, thanks lori! it means a lot 🙂 and HOURS printing out maps!? lay down twice!


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