Portraits of my son

One of Tom’s Christmas presents to me this year was a photography class. And, before I go any further, talk about a slam-dunk Christmas from Tom. I got him a jacket he didn’t want and underwear. I want to take a moment to publicly apologize.

After we, um, lost our DSLR this fall, we upgraded to a newer camera with a bit more power and I’ve been struggling to feel comfortable with it. The class is helping me get more familiar with my camera, refresh  the basics, and introduce new techniques and ideas.

After everyone in the class took a blood oath to never, ever, ever shoot in Auto ever again, our first assignment was to take photos paying special attention to framing and composition. Composition is something I feel pretty comfortable with, what I didn’t feel comfortable with was my environment. Everyone else in the class brought awesome pictures of things like weekend adventures, places they’d explored in the city, a concert. And I was like, I hope y’all are cool with looking at nothing but photos of Lightning McQueen this semester.

obsession 4

obsession 2

obsession 3

obsession 5

obsession 1

Though you don’t ever see his face, these are, I decided, some of the most accurate portraits of my son. Artistically there are issues, but you get a glimpse into his personality, and his day, and how I’ve totally lost the battle against licensed products from Disney. It’s missing a tantrum, maybe. But I’m planning to forget those every happened, anyway.


  1. Ally January 27, 2015

    We are still looking for a new DSLR, what did you end up getting? And how do you like the photography class? I took one last year, but am thinking of taking another.

    • amandakrieger January 27, 2015

      we got a nikon D7100. i’m a big fan of the nikon 🙂 and i like the class! where did you take yours?

  2. Jessie Harvey January 27, 2015

    Great Christmas present! A couple years ago, my parents gave me Joel Sartore’s photography lessons on DVD for Christmas. I recommend it. Though he’s a National Geographic photographer, he enjoys taking pictures of people the most, especially his wife and kids. The lessons give you enough technical info to start with, but focus more on composition. Good luck with the class!

  3. Jackie January 27, 2015

    These are great! You’re gonna be a great mom-tog!!

  4. Nina January 28, 2015

    Love these! Reminds me a lot of my son 🙂


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