Making sense of ingredients, product safety, and bubble baths

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Last week Tom and I went to a special event and guess what I learned?

I learned that it takes longer for me to straighten my hair and find my mascara than it does for me to pack lunch, locate six shoes, three water bottles, back-up sunscreen, and buckle three kids into carseats for a trip to the park.

Ok, I’m joking. That’s not really what I learned.

(But it is true.)

What I learned is that JOHNSON’S® main priority is the safety of their products. And safe products that are also mild, non-irritating, and uniquely for babies means sourcing, safe, high-quality ingredients, testing product formulas, and ongoing product evaluation.

I would never claim to be an expert on all baby products, but here’s something I know for sure: selecting products for your baby can be really, really confusing and really, really stressful. Labels can be overwhelming, plus there are all these claims about products being natural, and organic — does that make them better? Or just more expensive? Then, on the back of every single product is an ingredient list that I cannot read because I:

  1. last took Chemistry in 1998
  2. generally have at least two helpers under the age of five with me in the aisle.

I can’t handle confusing or overwhelming. What I want is simple — products that are safe and effective.

Throwing a rubber duckie in the mix doesn’t hurt, either.

JOHNSON’S® rigorously tests both natural and non-natural ingredients. The main priority is safety, and natural isn’t always synonymous with safe.

(Have you ever walked through poison ivy? WHEW! Natural can be a DOOZIE!)

I also learned about JOHNSON’S® Behind the Label website, which is a resource designed to help caregivers make sense those confusing labels CLICK HERE. It’s basically a dictionary for each ingredient. FOR EXAMPLE. Did you know that coconut oil has to be listed as its approved name, which is lauric acid?


I didn’t know it so much that I could definitely see me saying, “I would never put LAURIC ACID on my baby!” WHILE handing them a homemade, organic teething biscuit made with coconut oil.

I know about coconut oil, but I don’t know about lauric acid. BUT NOW I KNOW ABOUT BOTH!

I LOVE that website — make sure you check it out. While you’re at it, check out Johnson’s Safety & Care Commitment, and safety standards.

This info is all really helpful, and I’m grateful that JOHNSON’S® Baby has the same priorities I do — to make sure my babies are healthy and well-cared for.

I’ve used Johnson’s Baby products since I became a mom, and I feel confident in continuing to use them for our next little one.

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