Caught dirt-handed

They way Thomas is standing, it looks like I caught him in the act of something naughty.


What I caught him doing was standing. I was taking photos of his fancy three-year old sister in the front yard and I turned around and he was showing off his new trick. Thomas has been pulling up since mid-February, but he just started to stand on his own. This is the precursor to walking — my favorite milestone. (Aside from the ability to tell me their ears hurt, which I put above sleeping through the night, because dealing with chronic ear infections and years of sleep deprivation has made me that insane.)

Thomas is covered in dirt and mulch before his morning nap, but I didn’t even notice because that is the kind of ship I run. Dirt washes off but I only have one opportunity to take a photo of Mary Virginia wearing upside-down glasses.

My older kids both hit milestones at wildly different paces, but they both walked at 14 months, so that’s what I expect from Thomas. Around July he’ll be upright, and taking an upright baby to the park, the beach, the front yard, is so much easier than taking a crawling baby absolutely anywhere.

Walking is my favorite until it leads to running in every direction away from me. But we’ll deal with that; one step at a time, eh?

I’m posting about this milestone now, even though it happened a couple of weeks ago, because if I wait any longer then it won’t make sense and I won’t post it at all, and when someone asks, “How old were your kids when they started standing?” I’ll just get all hazy and look out into space.

Now, I can answer, “I don’t remember but I can Google that for you!”

(Mary Virginia, standing / David, standing)

I have a bunch of updates coming, but so much happened for us all at once that I’m really behind — Thomas’s birthday, moving, Mary Virginia’s birthday, a new season of The Bachelorette. THERE SIMPLY AREN’T ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY.

It’s all coming. An emotional video for Thomas’s first birthday. A tour of the new house. One day I’ll get around to refreshing the blog design, and soon JoJo will find love. It’ll be off schedule and out of order, but I promise I’m ignoring all of my other responsibilities to get it done.



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  1. Katherine A. June 16, 2016

    Currently, Team Chase. Also, I think our youngest boys would be friends.


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