Baby’s first steps (and second, and third, and 58th…)

Sometime before Thomas’s first birthday, he was standing by the couch and let go, took a few steps, and then plopped down.

I watched him and willed the moment to crystalize in my memory. My baby, learning to walk right before my eyes! So beautiful! This moment is why we have children!

And then he did the same thing every ten minutes for the next two months — one or two steps, plop, crawl. Walking is such a slow milestone for my kids. Thomas is good at crawling, so why learn to walk?


Because the learning curve is so, so steep, I’m hesitant to say they’re walking. Thomas can walk through our entire living room and into the kitchen but still I’m like, “Eh, he’s still learning.”

He’s getting better, steadier, more confident, but he still prefers crawling. For two weeks I tried to get a video of him walking and couldn’t do it. I chased him around the house like paparazzi trying to get a shot of Jennifer Aniston with a baby bump and all I got was a bunch of videos of him falling down.

Maybe that’s an indication. We all carry video cameras around in our hand; if you can’t get a video of something then it isn’t happening.

Learning to walk
A short documentary



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Mary Virginia walking

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  1. Kendall Patton July 25, 2016

    I remember when Monkey Boy took his Very first initial steps. I was at home and he’d just passed his 9 month birthday. I heard the stomp-plop and immediately turned around. Then, I just sat there staring at him and he did it again! I knew I would remember that. Hun believes he took his first steps some other time, but I always remind him *I am the one at home all day*. Though sometimes, admittedly, I will pretend I haven’t seen some developmental piece until Hun sees it! 🙂


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