A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016.

19-52 - david

David / Our blackberries and strawberries are blooming in the backyard. For the past three summers, David has checked the blossoms daily to see if berries are ready to eat. He asked me if he could take off the petals to speed the process up.


19-52 - maryvirginia

Mary Virginia / Always drawing, cutting, creating, and always (ALWAYS) a princess.


19-52 - thomas

Thomas / I lose track of Thomas all the time. He’s so fast and I’m so distracted — if I was a cave mama he’d have certainly wandered away to be raised by wolves by now.

Actually, that sort of describes what is happening. I was making dinner and realized Thomas wasn’t underfoot. I found him here, behind a barricade David made as a boys-only hideout.


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