A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2016.

15-52 david

David / Recently David has shown fascination with letters, words, and sounds. Here, he walked into the kitchen, sat on the floor, and asked me to spell Amelia Bedelia. I spelled it, slowly, and then he ran back into his room to continue drawing. I love watching him learn and grow, but maybe even more fascinating is that, given lots of other options, this is how he chose to sit.

15-52 maryvirginia

Mary Virginia / Queen Mary doth request that I no longer taketh photos of Her Highness. Unless she’s making this angry face. Until she changes her mind I’ll have to sneak up on her to take photos, or you’ll be seeing week after week of Angry Face.

15-52 thomas

Thomas / This little imp, looking over the gate we put up to keep him out of the cat food. He’s generally offended by barriers, but he’s positively delighted by this one once I duck behind it and play peek-a-boo.

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  1. Carie April 10, 2016

    Oh Queen Mary has a fabulous expression, as does her little brother! It’s amazing how kids sit and still feel comfy, I remember sitting in all sorts of funny positions as a child that I could never manage now!!


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