Have you ever noticed that my horizontal photos are just a bit squished? It’s because the theme and framework on my blog is just a few pixels too small. It irritates me, but not enough to fix it. (It’s been like that for two years!)

Until I fix it, if you click on my photos, a full-scale version will pop up.

On to the photos.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016.

9-52 3

David / It’s so amazing to watch a child change and grow. Two years ago I was shocked and amazed when he made his first Play dough creation that I took this photo and submitted to every admissions office in Virginia. Now he creates, smooshes and plays with sound effects and, most astonishing, helps clean up.

9-52 2

Mary Virginia / If it seems like she’s always wearing this Cinderella shirt, it’s because she is.

When she plays play dough she always asks me to make a nest with ducks in it. (Which you can barely see, in purple, behind the vase.) In this photo she’s making a pond for the ducks to swim in.

9-52 1

Thomas / I chose this photo because it documents his two teeth, which have been swollen, tender, and just under the gums for — I’m not kidding — a month. And because I think he looks handsome in blue.

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