A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016.

34-52 david 1

David / It’s been a huge summer for David. He learned to swim, and now he can ride a bicycle. It took about three lessons and now he’s off! (Riding a balance bike for two years really was the best teacher.)

This photo doesn’t show his speed, but it does show his focus, which is what marks this stage for him.

34-52 david 2

Mary Virginia / David got a new bike for his birthday, which means Mary Virginia inherited David’s balance bike. She’s shockingly enthusiastic about riding her bike, even though she’s slow, and she already took a tumble, and her brother heckles her clumsiness. (And when he does, I whisper in her ear that she’s already riding better than he was at her age.)

34-52 david 3

Thomas / He isn’t riding a bike, but he is doing this. He grabbed the Sriracha off the counter and started sucking on it. I snatched it away BECAUSE IT’S HOT SAUCE, YOUNG MAN! When I stuck it on the table he just climbed up and grabbed it.

This is why the eye roll emoji is always in my most frequently-used set.


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