It’s only week five and I’m already breaking my own rules for this project.

I’d planned to not re-post images. The 52 project images should be new; ones that I haven’t already used for a different post. I already used these photos for another post, but I’m posting them anyway. Because I am a person who is home by 7:30 every night and in bed before 11. I can’t comfortably wear heels or drink more than one glass of wine because I HAVE RESPONSIBILITIES. But here? Here on this blog I an unapologetic rebel; make the rules and I break them.

But also because I love these photos, and when I look back on the year I want to remember how much fun they had in the snow.

[My friend Tori has been consistently linking up every week — look at her beautiful photos here.]

snow 3

David / He’s so disappointed that the snow is melting, and asking me when it’s going to snow again. (Apparently this apple did fall far from the tree.)

snow 2

Mary Virginia / She loves to pretend that she’s cooking; I suggested she try eating the snow and she was enamored. The next thing I knew I was toting out a bowl and spoons to the snow. She played for maybe thirty minutes, then we filled two bowls and took them inside and played until it all melted away.

snow 1

Thomas / I’m so glad he’s content to tag along while his siblings play. He was happier when I was carrying him, but I thought he might like to explore, too. (He makes this face when he tries anything new.)


  1. Carley February 3, 2016

    I know I’m a little late to the link-up party, but I’ve been taking pictures!! I love the idea of a weekly picture. Such a great way to document the ordinary days and the crazy growth that will happen this year.

    (Also, I’m doing a group shot of my girls each week. Because I just can’t handle the challenge of individual pictures. But I’m still loving this!)

    • amandakrieger February 3, 2016

      the pics are so great! i think group pictures are wonderful too, they show so much of the sibling relationship.
      i’m glad you linked up, i hope you continue to do so!


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