It’s week four and snow is falling outside at impossible rates. I’m trying to distract myself from the worry that we’ll lose power by writing this post. (It’s not working.)

4-52 - david

David / The hum of the nebulizer has become commonplace in the past week or so. David’s actually gotten pretty good at it.

If you’re looking for a non-screen toy to keep your child’s hands busy, this is it. It’s called the Perplexus, and it’s actually designed for kids a little older than David, but he doesn’t seem to mind. (Thanks, Britton!)

4-52 - maryvirginia (2)

Mary Virginia / My little snuggle bug. Her favorite thing in the world is to be cozy. At least once a day every she sneaks into my room and I find her under the covers in my bed. (And yet, when it’s actually time for bed she flat-out refuses.)

4-52 - thomas

Thomas / I thought I felt a sense of dread before this snow storm, then hours before the snow hit my baby spiked a fever and that dread settled right into the pit of my stomach. I had hoped to take a photo of Thomas enjoying his first real snow but this is what we’ve got instead; fever-baby inside, snow outside, praying against a power outage and dreaming of spring.


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  1. Brandi January 24, 2016

    Hope the babe is on the mend, illness when you feel trapped in the house is the worst. But it always seems to happen to me too. Hope he is on the mend and you are all able to enjoy the snow!

    We have that Perplexus, too. So cool!


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