I haven’t blogged in the past few weeks, because I haven’t been doing much of anything in the past few weeks. Anything besides knitting, that is.

I’ve been frantically filling Etsy orders for Christmas, and this year has felt more stressful than other years. It’s not because I had an influx of order, I think it’s just because I have four kids and they insist on eating food and wearing clothes THE NERVE. In the past few weeks, trust me when I say I’ve only been doing the bare minimum to keep everyone quasi-satiated and occasionally clothed. I haven’t been blogging, cleaning, cooking, or doing all the fun Christmas things I’ve wanted to do (we haven’t even finished decorating our tree) because all of my free time has been devoted to knitting.

I shipped the final orders for this season on Friday and WHEW! If you think I’ve ignored my blog then you should see what my house looks like!

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2019. 

I took these photos over the past few weeks, and unintentionally ended up with several low-light photos. How apropos for Advent, and I would love to tell you that these are a photographer’s interpretation of light and darkness in the season of Advent as we prepare for the coming of the King.

Instead it’s a coincidence, helped by the fact that the sun sets at 4:50 and my kids get home from school at 4:30. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

Anna / We don’t have an iPad, so when my parents visit the kids fight over my mom’s iPad. We set timers and the kids take turns, and watching all the excitement Anna quickly learned that the iPad was some sort of precious commodity. She found it unattended and snatched it and snuck into the other room. I found her like this, swiping and tapping like the big kids.

Thomas / We usually put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but travel and general busy-ness got in the way and we finally had it up on December 10. Thomas has been enamored with it, and one morning I found him sitting in the corner looking at the lights.

Mary / This year Mary’s interest and confidence in reading has exploded. I keep finding her curled up with books and I can confidently say, watching kids take hold of reading will never get old.

David / Technically not a picture of David, but it’ll do. I needed a Christmas photo of the kids, so I decided to stage one of them in their Christmas sheets. My plan was to pile them in the bed and let the Christmas magic take over. What ended up happening was Tom was walking out the door to take Thomas to preschool and I was like, “WAIT! WE NEED A HOLIDAY PHOTO!”

It was dark and dreary outside, so I put them at the foot of the one bed that’s near a window, and this is what we got. Halfway through snapping photos Tom said, “Don’t you think this photo is kind of…weird?”

Ok, fine. It’s weird. It’ll go into my kids’ pile of “remember that weird photo Mom made us take?” memories.

I have no regrets.


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