We started school this week, and it’s when our schedule fills that I most appreciate the remaining, quiet time at home.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016.

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David / Introvert at play. As David grows we can see his need for alone time more and more. Tom made his closet into a hideout, complete with Christmas lights, Hot Wheels, and most importantly, no little sisters.


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Mary Virginia / Speaking of hideouts… In our master bathroom there’s a stand-up shower. (Is that what it’s called? A shower with no tub? You know what I mean.) It’s right beside our normal shower — they share a wall. We have no idea why, and we never use it. One day Mary Virginia discovered it, and claimed it as her play house. (Sigh. Some kids get play houses and some kids play in their parents’ shower.)

She loves it and brings her dolls, play food, and friends to it. Which is fine, except that it’s a shower in our master bathroom. Which is kind of…weird.

The biggest difference between her hideout and David’s is that she loves her playhouse most when it’s full of people. Everyone is invited, all the time. In fact, when I took this picture both of her brothers were behind her, just the way she likes it.

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Thomas / Yo, Thomas, thanks for playing peek-a-boo by the window where the light is good. Also thanks for being adorable.

(No hideout for Thomas just yet. He wants to be wherever Mama is.)


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