SkyZone Richmond: did I mention we had a great time? The best time ever?

I was not planning to jump at David’s SkyZone birthday party.

Then this happened.


I had no business jumping like that on a trampoline; I had a baby three months ago. But there’s  just something about trampolines, right? I don’t know what it is, but you know what I’m talking about. I haven’t been on a trampoline in a few years and I’d forgotten how fun it is to jump. I’m three months postpartum and am here to tell you — still fun.

If it was that much fun for me, I honestly can’t imagine how much fun it must be for a four-year old, surrounded by a bunch of his friends, holding a red ball, wearing his very favorite Lightning McQueen t-shirt, on his birthday.

Skyzone 13

SkyZone is, in a lot of ways, every kids’ dream come true. We took them to the trampolines and said, “GO! Have the time of your life! Run! Play! JUMP! BE WILD!”

I spend all day repeating instructions and telling my kids to take it down a notch; SLOW DOWN! DON’T JUMP! TOO LOUD! TOO FAST!

But when you tell a kid to JUMP you don’t have to repeat yourself.

Skyzone 12

Skyzone 10

Skyzone 9

Everyone was jumping, flipping, FLYING and smiling. 

Skyzone 8

Skyzone 7

Skyzone 6

Skyzone 11

When I wrote about David’s birthday, a few people asked if adults could jump too, or said something like, “Looks fun, wish I was a kid and could do something like that!”

Maybe this will answer that question.

Skyzone 3

Not only can adults jump, but I personally think they need to. Because kids go wild all the time, but adults hardly ever do. I spend a lot of my day watching my kids play, splash, create, and be silly, but I don’t play with them nearly enough. At SkyZone I got to play with them; and I had a great time.

For kids, for adults, for a birthday party, for fitness, for a bunch of fun programs, for the sake of having fun and JUMPING — to be totally and completely surprised by how much fun it is to fly — try SkyZone.

Skyzone 5

RICHMONDERS! If you have a birthday party coming up, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU — now is the perfect time for a SkyZone birthday party. If you book a party between September 1 and October 31, every jumper gets a free 30-minute pass to use later. (Promotion valid for parties held through December 31.)

Get more info here.

Skyzone 2

Disclaimer: this post is part of a collaboration with SkyZone

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