Here comes Salty Dog Cottontail

To make this video even more adorable, imagine Mary Virginia wearing a soft pink smocked dress with embroidered bunnies instead of the oversized Salty Dog Cafe shirt she asks to wear every day.

While you’re at it, imagine that, instead of screaming “Why’s he not in a cage?” from the other room, David is singing along. (He was asking why we don’t keep Brigham in a cage. And now that I think about it, Brigham might choose incarceration over toddler-induced asphyxiation.)

Actually, never mind. Don’t imagine those things away. On second thought, those are the things that make this video so darn adorable. Especially that darn t-shirt.

But do feel free to imagine me with a much better singing voice.


More pictures of me forcing my kids to wear bunny ears…

Baby bunny David
Baby bunny Mary Virginia

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