Walking, talking, and generally causing a ruckus

Mary Virginia took her first steps a while ago. She even started walking, cautiously, earlier this month. But on July 18 we decided she’d officially earned biped status.

And all of the sudden she’s saying new words and phrases. She actually says “I want that.” It sounds more like “Iundat” but the connotation is there. It’s there in the way she grunts and screams and twists and throws her body to the ground when she doesn’t get dat.

It’s like one night I put my baby to sleep and in the morning (after waking up several times through the night) she’d turned into a full-on teenager. A teenager who lets her mommy dress her in purple ruffled bloomies and talks with her mouth full.

[This isn’t really her best performance, but I loved David’s part so much I had to use it. You should see HER watching this. She squeals with delight and every time I ask her to say something, she does it perfectly.]


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