The birthday girl

We were outside the other day and Mary Virginia climbed onto the armrest of my chair. As soon as she did it, she started shrieking with joy, “LOOK AT ME! I’M ON YOUR CHAIR! I’M SO HIGH!!” I’m not sure if she was proud of her accomplishment, or pleased with herself because she figured out a new way to get really close to me without actually being in my lap (not allowed when I’m holding the baby).

Her enthusiasm was so cute that I wanted to take a video. Like every child born in the digital age, when I held up my camera she immediately stopped doing that cute thing she had been doing. Then, because she’s two, had the nerve to raise her voice at me, and topped it off by letting me know that she’s watched this video of her brother maybe a hundred times too many.

Happy birthday, Mary Berry.


Two year old David:

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