It feels appropriate to post these photos today — the first day without rain in over a week.

It rained every day last week. And even though it hasn’t rained here in maybe months, let’s all agree that a week of rain was a little much. Every day is amplified when you have a toddler. An hour is like two hours, leaving the park is a sprint away from an erupting volcano, getting dressed is a UFC cage match. A week of rain is like being trapped on an island in a monsoon with no rations.

Dad: What’d you guys do today?
Mom: We made muffins, played play dough, colored a map of the world, did 7 puzzles, read 18 books, played play dough again, splashed in the sink, watched three hours of TV, went to Target, had lunch, then he ran around the house with a box on his head for a while, then it was nap time, then we played cars, trains, airplanes, tractors, read 7 books, looked out the window, chased the cat around the house, had a friend over, watched another hour of TV, played cars again, started dinner, and now you’re home!

Plus, we were all sick last week so we were doubly homebound. The only outings we took all week were to the doctor. We went three times.

So, what I’m saying is: we’re happy dry weather is in the forecast.

Mary Virginia and I even have shirts to celebrate.


Mine says: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. Hers, appropriately, says: You make me happy when skies are gray.

Here’s a better look.


My friend Tori got them for me from this Etsy shop. They’re our favorite.

I wanted to start wearing them as soon as Mary Virginia arrived, but hers was a little big, and mine was a little, um, snug. So we started a race, could I shrink to fit my shirt by the time Mary Virginia grew into hers?

We did it. And when Mary Virginia grows out of her shirt, I get to keep wearing mine and remember when she was my teeny tiny little sunshine in rainbow leggings.


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  1. Katherine A. October 14, 2013

    Oh my goodness … sunshine AND rainbow leggings. Way. Too. Cute!


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