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I’ve been falling behind on blogging lately. When I started blogging three years ago, I made a loose goal to post at least twice a week. Recently, I’ve been scrambling to meet that goal.

One reason is this: I didn’t realize how much I relied on photos for blog content until I no longer had a camera. If I had to choose which I’m more comfortable with, words or images, I’d choose words every single time. But, without our camera everything felt stale. We recently replaced our camera, but it’s a different version and there’s a bit of a learning curve. Hopefully soon I’ll be back at it.

Meanwhile, Etsy orders have started rolling in. The same thing happened last year around October, just as the first hints of cold weather arrived. It’s probably my new favorite Halloween tradition. Just like last year, every order is a delightful surprise. Every order feels special and affirming.

I’ve been spending most of my free time knitting, making pompoms, and taking trips to the yarn store and the post office. I’ve been knitting so much, in fact, that I’ve had to stop playing so much Candy Crush because my thumbs just can’t handle that kind non-stop, round-the-clock of stress.

Part of me is like, who are these people? These people who are already Christmas shopping!? I just took down my Halloween decorations yesterday!

If you see me between now at Christmas, I’ll probably be casting on, counting stitches, and dragging a trail of yarn behind me.

knitting 002

Thanks to my good friend and artist, Angie Wiggins, my projects are stowed safely in this fancy, handmade bag.

If you’re curious, there’s a link to my Etsy shop in my sidebar, or you can find it here:

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  1. Grammy November 13, 2014

    I was just looking at your yellow bag and wondering if it had outgrown its potential. I really like your new bag. I love the colors.


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