Cross strap flats

Berkley Grace was born July 1 in the middle of a heat wave, so it’s unlikely her sweet baby feet will be even a little bit chilly in the next three months.

But I made these bootees for her anyway.

I used this pattern, which was quick and easy to read.

I’ve made several pairs of teeny bootees in my life, and the patterns usually involved flaps and lots of sewing and never turn out as well as I imagine.

But these? I love them. And I hope Berkley Grace will, too. Just as long as her little feet don’t grow between now and sometime in November when the temperature finally drops below 100 degrees.


  1. Candace July 18, 2012


  2. Andrea July 18, 2012

    WOW- SO CUTE!!!

  3. Jenny Ramsey July 19, 2012

    baby ramsey, however, is due in february so if i have a girl, i want booties. I’m giving you fair warning. booties. pink ones.

  4. tomamanda July 19, 2012


  5. Meredith White July 19, 2012

    OH MY!! I love!! Right now my neighbor is teaching me to crochet baby headbands (probably not appropriate for David) and the adorableness is just too much. I MUST make these booties!!!

  6. Marcellus Burlaza April 5, 2013

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