57,200 stitches

I haven’t been blogging as much in the past few weeks. This website has taken a back seat, as have replying to emails, wiping my countertops, and putting away laundry. And when David says, “Watch me!” and then jumps on the couch and does a somersault the exact same way he’s been doing for a solid year, I only watch him five times before I go back to pretending to watch him.

custom knits 2

I received a large Etsy order at the beginning of the month, so in every spare moment I’ve been trying to knit a few stitches, knock out a few rows. Why can’t I figure out a way to knit while holding a baby…

That’s why I’m trailing yarn wherever I go, counting and re-counting stitches, dividing by four, and referencing a tattered pattern that I memorized a dozen hats ago. That’s why, when Tom and I went to dinner together for the first time since our anniversary back in July, I stashed my yarn in my purse and knitted while we waited for our food to arrive. (Tom didn’t mind.)

Give or take a few stitches, when the order is complete, I will have knitted 57,200 stitches in the last month. Except that doesn’t count the five hundred or so stitches I had to rip out when I completed a hat and then realized I had misspelled the phrase. Or the six other separate hat orders that came in before I had to close the custom listing on my Etsy shop.

custom knits 3

Fall is here and Christmas is too; it’s carpal tunnel season.


[Click here to visit my Etsy shop. Custom listings will be back up sometime in November.]


  1. Lynsie October 28, 2015

    One great thing about crocheting…I can do it while holding a baby. Poor Graham, my Etsy site was at its peak when he was a newborn and I held him and crocheted to get all my Christmas orders done. Then life got to crazy and I haven’t taken an order sense bc it was too overwhelming…I will say I am starting to miss the outlet though as everything is diaper, homeschool, sleep, and eating related right now.

    • amandakrieger October 28, 2015

      I actually remember reading that somewhere! Maybe you wrote it on your blog or commented on mine…And ever since I’ve been jealous bc there’s no way you could knit while holding a baby! Which, I prob couldn’t do anyway because Thomas is grabbing now!
      You’ll get back to the Etsy orders soon!!


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