Only my absolute most valuable customers

Every year around this time I start to get an regular orders from my Etsy shop. (Which, side note, so impressive, right? There are people who are Christmas shopping ALREADY. In OCTOBER! I imagine these people also show up to places at the afore-scheduled time. And probably also clean their home’s windows.) As a result I start carrying knitting with me everywhere I go, a trail of yarn hanging from my purse, trying to make the most of every spare minute and keep up with the orders.

Also every year, David sees me knitting, and asks me what I’m doing. When I say I’m making a hat he asks, “Is it for me?”

Every year I say no, and every year he asks, “When are you going to make a hat for me?”

It’s such a sweet question, and I want to make a hat for him, I really do. But then I look at my orders, my aching hands, my pre-holiday to-do list, and I say, “Maybe for your birthday?”

It’s the classic cobbler’s child syndrome — I don’t have time to make a hat for him because I’m too busy making hats for everyone else.

Also, if my primary job as a parent isn’t to acquaint my children with disappointment then what is it?


Just as I finished up my first few hats, I took advantage of a break between orders and cast on a very special red hat for my biggest boy. David asked for rainbow colors, and that’s sort of what he’s getting. For Mary Virginia, purple, pink, and a bit of sparkle.

Thomas will have to wait until next year, when he’s no longer the age that the only thing he does with a hat is rip it off his head and throw it to the ground, beaming and squealing like a triumphant WWE wrestler.

Also next year he’ll be able to tell us his favorite color. Both of those milestones are equally important.

knitting 1

knitting 2


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  1. Elizabeth Chapman October 7, 2016

    I’m so glad you posted this… I forgot you made them and how adorable they are! I am definitely going to place an order for Christmas!!! I love them!

  2. Charity October 8, 2016

    I have already been Christmas Shopping, AND I have wrapped the presents I have. I try to be on time, but I’m here to tell you I don’t clean my windows 🙂

  3. Amy @ Life to the Full October 27, 2016

    You are such a good mom! Those hats are adorable by the way!!! And Christmas shopping in October is a great idea but it hasn’t even been on my radar yet 🙂


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