This is not nesting. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not nesting.

My best and dearest and oldest friend has six kids. That means she’s spent over four and a half years of her life pregnant, and for ten years she’s been either pregnant or nursing. She recently said, “I don’t nest. I hibernate.”

We don’t agree on everything; she thinks I’m super human because I run while pregnant, and I think she’s superhuman because just four weeks after having her fifth child, she put on clothes, makeup, and brought me a roasted chicken when David was born. But we agree on the nesting thing: nesting is for the birds.

When I was pregnant with David, I didn’t start my nursery until, at 36 weeks, my mom drove me to Target because, um, maybe we should think about getting ready for the baby? When I was about 38 weeks I did a huge grocery shopping trip and stocked up on non-perishables and essentials. But then I blew past my due date and we ate through all the groceries and I refused to go back to the grocery store because I was so angry at my situation of needing groceries, so I boycotted any other preparation. Then when we got home from the hospital with David we didn’t have any food in the house until my friend brought me that roasted chicken.

This time I’ve put a few dinner leftovers in the freezer rather than packing them up for Tom’s lunches, and I’ve picked out some alcoholic beverages I plan to consume as soon as I’m no longer sharing with an infant.

Then last weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Tom was home and just like magic, things started getting done around the house.

I’m not calling it nesting, though. It’s not nesting because these are things that needed to be done. These are normal home maintenance items that happen in normal homes that aren’t expecting babies.

While David napped, Tom mowed the grass and weeded the garden and spread some mulch. I cleaned both of our bathrooms, did two loads of laundry, washed a bunch of newborn diapers, and packed two overflowing bags for Goodwill. Then I organized my bedside drawer:


See my retainer? I still wear my retainer every night.

This is the before photo. I didn’t take an after because the difference didn’t look huge, but I threw away a lot and made room to stash some things I’ll need handy when I’m nursing, and whatever book I’m reading at the time.

The bassinet is ready for a sweet baby. This is the “baby corner” of our room.


A diaper caddy, a basket of newborn clothes, extra diapers, a camera with a fully-charged battery, and my hospital bag. The bassinet has the cover on because we have a dirty cat who can’t control himself around a bassinet.

Then I started cleaning our fridge. We haven’t cleaned our fridge in the two years we’ve lived here, and it was gross. The tipping point came when a Tupperware of egg yolks spilled and dripped down the back wall. Gross. I cleaned about 1/4 of it, then I gave up because I couldn’t figure out how to get the shelves out. Then David woke up from his nap.

The next day I woke up and David was happily eating breakfast while Tom, who had no problem removing the shelves, was wiping down the fridge.

There are pins on Pinterest about how every woman dreams of a husband who does things like clean the fridge without being asked.


It’s funny how posting a photo of my open fridge made me worry about being judged. I almost styled my fridge to make us look a little more, what’s the word? Unrealistic? But then I decided that if I can’t clean my fridge more regularly, then I have no choice but to submit myself to ridicule for whatever you would never let in your house. And tell you that I ate some of that frosting with pretzels while writing this post.


After breakfast we hopped in the car and went to Crate and Barrel to get some shelves. We’ve needed a bigger bookcase for a while (most of our books have been under our bed since we moved).


The shelf isn’t styled yet, we need to anchor it to the wall first.

We also got a new, smaller computer desk. We’re planning to move our desktop computer out of our current guest room/office which will, temporarily, be a guest room/nursery (eventually we hope to put both kids in the same room).


I think this desk is so cool. It saves so much space, creates vertical storage, and was a great price.

Then I finished something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. Years? A decade?
I finally created an Etsy shop for my knitting.

Check it out:

There are only a few items, general listings for custom hats, then a few completed knitting projects. I hope to grow the shop soon, but picking a shop name and posting a few items is a start, and I’m excited.

Then I made a long list of other things that I’d like to get done before the baby gets here. But if they don’t get finished, that’s ok, too. Ok, baby? You can come any time.



  1. Meredith May 29, 2013

    You go girl!! Awesome accomplishments – I cleaned my fridge this weekend too!! Oh and we have the same inside-of-fridge (our outside is white)! Amazing. It started with, “oh I should wipe down all that cloudy stuff under the milk cartons,” and then all of a sudden all of the shelves were out and the whole thing was sparkling. I should tell you about the time a year ago that I cleaned this fridge and pulled the huge glass piece on the very bottom (above the fruit and veggie drawers) and carried it to the sink to wash it with a sponge. The SECOND it touched the sink the entire thing shattered into about one ZILLION pieces. Thankfully it’s safety glass so it didn’t cut me but I was completely showered in glass pieces, thinking I would be called scarface for the rest of my life. Yay for safety glass, no yay for it being ALL over the kitchen (and down the drain).

    • amandakrieger May 29, 2013

      Meredith, my jaw dropped about your glass shattering. The back window of Tom’s car shattered the night we got engaged (a kid threw a rock and broke it while we were hiking/getting engaged) and even though we cleaned and vacuumed and cleaned and vacuumed – it was safety glass, too – we were picking up glass for YEARS.

    • Jessamyn June 3, 2013

      Me three! I have the same fridge too. And also white. Yikes Meredith, we’re about to move so I guess I’ll have to clean the fridge…ugh…and I’ll definitely be watching out for the fragile glass!

  2. Becky May 29, 2013

    I love the non nesting bandwagon and I agree I just did things that needed done even if they seem very similar to “nesting”. Also it is understood you will be busy with a new babe but for Christmas I would like to get my sis a hat for her little babe ( due aug 6) do you think that is possible? Just ignore this if you think this is a silly request but I cannot wait to buy one from you! Be well and we are super excited for your impending baby arrival!

  3. Jenny May 29, 2013

    A. I made the blog! I made the blog! Unless you have another “best and dearest and OLDEST (thank you very much for that one)” friend with six kids who does not nest and brought you a chicken. Actually, come to think of it, that was not the first chicken that I have given you I think. I digress. My point was, I was super excited to be on the blog! 🙂
    B. I love the nod to the retainer. You crack me up.
    C. No more canned frosting…like ever. Nasty. I will make you frosting and ship it to you but please, for the love of chickens, don’t eat frosting from a can.
    D. YOU HAVE AN ETSY SHOP!!!! YAAAAY!! I’m so excited and proud of you and wahoo!
    E. Etsy shop + running while pregnant = most definitely super woman

    • amandakrieger May 29, 2013

      A. i loled at the “not the first chicken” comment
      C. someone left it at my house. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IF SOMEONE LEAVES FROSTING AT MY HOUSE!??! see the tupperware to the left of the frosting can? that’s actually homemade frosting. haha.
      F. so excited to see you (in L&D??!?!?!) this weekend!!

  4. Kristie May 30, 2013

    Your fridge looks like mine! Kind of empty. Do you think we get it from Mom?

    • amandakrieger June 1, 2013

      i think we must. and for some reason i love when it’s empty. whenever my fridge is full i feel like i’m doing something wrong.
      half the stuff isn’t even stuff i bought — like the sprite, someone left that here after bible study. why have a fridge full of things i don’t eat on a regular basis (unlike canned frosting, for example).

  5. May May 30, 2013

    I hate cleaning the fridge. Because of this I am pretty sure I could send you some scary fridge pictures that will build your self-esteem about your unstaged one!

  6. Rita@thissortaoldlife May 31, 2013

    Please, for the love of all things, do not ever style your fridge. We makers of homes need to band together. We need to shun those who would style a fridge! Unless your fridge contains something toxic, it’s all good in my book. 🙂

  7. Alana in Canada May 31, 2013

    Yes. Unstylers of the fridge, unite! Jeesh.

    Hope the little one is here soon. Congrats!

  8. Ashley June 4, 2013

    I love the fridge story. And the Christmas container in the fridge.

    Also? I love your new bookshelves & office. Please take us on a house tour in all your free time before baby #2 arrives.


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