One of the side benefits of having a newborn in the house is that they draw lots of admiring visitors. When you’re lucky, the visitors are some of your oldest, dearest, out-of-town friends. The other side benefit is that since you have a newborn in the house, you don’t even have to come up with an excuse

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A living room full of answered prayers

We celebrated July 4th with two of Tom’s best friends. He grew up with these guys, and they’re all married with kids now. Nothing much has changed except they don’t play nearly as much GoldenEye on Nintendo 64 as they did back in middle school. Between the three couples there are seven kids under the

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Did someone say PIZZA PARTY!?!

A few weeks ago we had the Purdy family over for dinner. The Purdys have an insatiable appetite for pizza, so we thought, why just have DINNER when we can have a PIZZA PARTY!? Before they arrived, I made dough (the dough recipe I use is at the bottom of the post) and rolled out

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Attention Attention: Adoption Yard Sale

Check this out. My friend Elizabeth is having a huge yard sale.  And see where it says adoption Yard Sale? That’s because all of the proceeds go toward helping Elizabeth’s family adopt a little boy from China named Charlie.  (Her blog is choc-full of their decision to adopt, but you can read the beginning of this particular

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Best friends and baby boys

After being rained out of Blacksburg, we drove to Smith Mountain Lake in Franklin County. I grew up in Franklin County. It’s rural, southern, and as the Ambassador of Franklin County, I’m here to tell you it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. Tom’s parents have a place on Smith Mountain Lake. They

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage

Last weekend Tom and I embarked on what people fear even before they have babies. That this scares people before their lives implode into a newborn means it should be taken seriously. Before the baby is when people are sure they’ll be laid-back, unencumbered by baby gear and will stay out past their child’s dorkishly

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We had a visit from some old friends this weekend

We had a visit from some old friends this weekend. It’s good for us to have visitors. Otherwise I’m not sure I’d ever clean the bathrooms. The boys ended our brunch with a sing-a-long. It sounded something like this. (Tanner forgot his wings. But he remembered his banjo.)